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A Brief Guide-Civil Procedure


General Procedural Guides

Form books as practice guides: In addition to the works listed below, many of the titles listed in the handout California Formbooks:  Brief Guide contain extensive analysis and explanation. Therefore they may be useful even if you do not need any of the sample forms they also provide.

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General Procedural Guides

1. Civil Practice and Procedure

Bancroft-Whitney's California Civil Practice. Covers general procedure and substantive subjects. (On WESTLAW as CCP-ALL.) LAW RESERVE KFC 995 .C3 1992

California Civil Appellate Practice, 3d ed. (CEB 1996- ). (LEXIS source: CEB;CEBCAP.) LAW CEB RESERVE KFC 1075 .C32 1996

California Civil Discovery, by James E. Hogan & Gary S. Weber (Bancroft-Whitney, 1996- ). LAW RESERVE KFC 1020 .H63 1996

California Civil Procedure Before Trial, 3d ed. (CEB, 1990- ). (LEXIS source: CEB;CEBCPT.) LAW CEB RESERVE KFC 995 .C34 1990

California Civil Writ Practice, 3d ed. (CEB, 1996- ). Great assistance in navigating the murky writ waters. LAW CEB RESERVE KFC 1075 .C34 1996

California Deposition and Discovery Practice, rev. ed., by J. N. DeMeo (Matthew Bender, 1987- ) (LEXIS source: CAL;CALDD. Also on Authority CD-ROM.) LAW RESERVE KFC 1020 .D43 1987

California Evidence, 4th ed., by B. E. Witkin (Witkin Legal Institute, 2000- ). Two sets, LAW STACKS and LAW RESERVE. (On WESTLAW as WITEVID. LEXIS source: CAL;WITEVD.) KFC 1030 .W5 2000

California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial, by Ira A. Brown and Robert I. Weil (Rutter Group, 1983- ). This set is a favorite with practitioners. (On WESTLAW as TRG-CACIVP.) LAW RESERVE KFC 995 .W4 1983

California Practice Guide: Civil Trials and Evidence, by William E. Wegner, Robert H. Fairbank, and Norman L. Epstein (Rutter Group, 1993- ). (On WESTLAW as TRG-CACIVEV.) LAW RESERVE KFC 1025 .A9 W44

California Practice Guide: Civil Writs and Appeals, by Jon B. Eisenberg, Ellis J. Horvitz, and Howard B. Wiener (Rutter Group 1989- ). (On WESTLAW as TRG-CACIVAPP.) LAW RESERVE KFC 1075 .E57 1989

California Practice Guide: Enforcing Judgments and Debts by Rick Schwartz and Alan M. Ahart (Rutter Group 1988- ). (On WESTLAW as TRG-CADEBT.) LAW RESERVE KFC 1065 .S385 1988

California Procedure, 4th ed., by B. E. Witkin (Bancroft-Whitney, 1996- ). Two sets, LAW STACKS and LAW RESERVE. (On WESTLAW as WITPROC. LEXIS source: CAL;WITPRO.) KFC 995 .W52 1996

California Trial Practice: Civil Procedure During Trial. (CEB, 1995- ). (LEXIS source: CEB;CEBTPC.) LAW CEB RESERVE KFC 1025 .C33 1995

Civil Discovery Practice in California, 3d ed. (CEB, 1998- ). (LEXIS source: CEB;CEBDPC.) LAW CEB RESERVE KFC 1020 .C5 1998

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3. Alternative Dispute Resolution

California Practice Guide: Alternative Dispute Resolution, by H. Warren Knight, Coleman F. Fannin, and Sally Grant Disco (Rutter Group, 1992- ). (On WESTLAW as TRG-CAADR.) LAW RESERVE KFC 1093 .K55 1992

California Arbitration Practice Guide, 3d ed., by John A. Toker (Lawpress, 1994- ). LAW RESERVE KFC 1094 .T64 1994

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4. Law Practice Management & Professional Responsibility

California Practice Guide: Law Practice Management, by Karen D. Kadushin (Rutter Group, 1992- ). (On WESTLAW as TRG-CALPRAC.) LAW RESERVE KFC 77 .K33

California Practice Guide : Professional Responsibility, by Paul W. Vapnek, et al. (Rutter Group, 1997- ). (On WESTLAW as TRG-CAPROFR.) LAW RESERVE KFC 76.5 .A2 V37

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